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A Day-of-Coordinator

is the glue to every wedding.



A Day-Of Coordinator is not a wedding planner, and thus they are much more affordable. The purpose of a wedding coordinating is to ensure your wedding ceremony, reception, and rehearsal dinner run as smoothly as possible. A coordinator leads the rehearsal, contacts vendors, and keeps the event on schedule. They also take care of the little details that may crop up on your big day - handling them quietly so you are none the wiser.

Simply put, a day-of coordinator is for the bride and groom who want to do most of the wedding planning themselves, but need professional help to execute their all of their hard work once the big day arrives. Coordinators are a vital part of the wedding planning process and handle the nitty-gritty details that are often overlooked. At Century Tree Productions, we believe a wedding coordinator is one of the most important instruments in ensuring the logistics of your wedding day are carried out exactly as you envision.

Century Tree Productions's in-house resident coordinator is Amanda Stamper. Her services cost $500 - a fee includes a consultation, open lines of communications, rehearsal dinner coordination, and wedding day coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does a day-of coordinator do?
A: A day-of coordinator should probably be renamed a "month-of coordinator." A coordinator assists in the major and minor details on your wedding day to ensure your wedding is as stress-free as possible. Details a day-of coordinator handle include the rehearsal dinner, review vendor contracts, organizing the line-up before your processional, herding family members for photographs, communicating with vendors (including caterers, florists, and the DJ), mitigating minor disasters and unexpected developments, organizing set-up and breakdown of the venue, and much much more.

Q: Why do I need a day-of coordinator? Can't I just use my mom or maid of honor?
A: The advantage of a day-of coordinator is that they are not required to take part in the wedding festivities. A wedding is already stressful enough for family members and your wedding party, and adding what is a essential a full-time job to the list of responsibilities for someone who is there to enjoy and celebrate your wedding is often overwhelming. A day-of coordinator ensures that everyone at your wedding is free to relax and enjoy your big day without having to worry about details like whose going to make sure the floral arrangements arrive on time and locating a missing family member (it happens, trust us).

Q: What's the difference between a wedding planner and a day-of coordinator?
A: A wedding planner walks you through the entire wedding planning process from save-the-dates to your final exit. Wedding planners are more expensive and are for the bride and groom who don't have time to plan a wedding by themselves. A coordinator, on the other hand, is there to help you implement the logistics of the wedding you have already planned. At Century Tree Productions, our coordinator will meet with you to obtain the vision of your wedding and offer suggestions. Throughout the planning process, our coordinator will periodically check up on you and ensure your following a rudimentary timeline of vendor booking and communication. The coordinator will lead your rehearsal at your rehearsal dinner and will be there on your wedding day through decoration set-up to venue breakdown.

Q: Who should use a coordinator?
A: No matter if you use our services or not, it is the firm belief of Century Tree Productions that every wedding should at least use a coordinator. Every wedding we attend or provide services for that doesn't have a coordinator are almost always stressful affairs. Without a coordinator, the DJ becomes the de-facto coordinator -a job that he/she may not be suited for. A couple should use a coordinator if they want to plan their own wedding, don't have enough in the budget for a full-time wedding planner, and want a stress-free experience on their wedding day for themselves and their guests.