Cause every good DJ has a rhythm he sticks by.

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++How do you choose which songs to play?

During our free consultation, the bride and groom will let me know how they want their wedding to sound and feel. After the consultation, the bride and groom are sent a Wedding Music Template document in which they are asked to select songs they want played for their special moments (first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc.) and a limited number of specific songs they want played on the dance floor. Combining the information I obtain from the consultation and template document, I construct playlists based on the bride and groom's preferences. When the dancing segment of the reception commences, I will read the crowd and determine the best combination of popular songs, classics, standards, remixes, and throwbacks needed to keep the party going until the bride and groom's exit.


++Do you play songs with profanity or lewd sexual content?

No. I remove all strong profanity from my music. Unless a couple specifically requests an unedited version of a song, I always refrain from playing songs with explicit content (because, c'mon, your grandmom is there).

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++What type of equipment do you bring with you?

I bring two speakers on mounted stands, a mixer, a turntable, two wired mics, a fog machine, a bubble machine, eight mounted lasers, seven wireless LED light poles, and four mounted special effects LED light rigs. If the venue allows, I will bring a handful of confetti cannons to detonate during the climax of my performance. 

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++Do you take requests from guests?

This is a tricky one. Generally, I will take requests into consideration only if I have the requested track in my musical library, the song fits into the flow of the evening, and if the track fits within the parameters outlined by the bride during our consultation.