This was a very unexpected & sudden decision. Joe has a full time 8-5 job, but three weeks ago, we got some news regarding his position. We are now moving up north sometime between May-July! We hope to know where in April. I'm personally hoping it is somewhere in the mountains, but we don't know where yet!

We do not know the future of the Century Tree Productions quite yet, but we have a few dreams that we are exploring. A few things we do know: 

  1. Joe will be taking a break from DJing any new weddings between now - December 2019. We are unsure if he will continue DJing beyond that point, but our minds are open to any possibility!

  2. Should Joe continue DJing in 2020, it will only be local to our new location. That means no more Texas weddings.

  3. I will continue photography with our booked weddings through the early winter, and hopefully be able to relocate my photography business in ease. I am also daydreaming about rebranding for more of a minimal & adventurous type of photography.

  4. I am still available to photograph any wedding in Texas, but travel fees will now apply. I’m hoping to branch more into elopements this upcoming year, or smaller weddings in general. If you want to have an incredible weekend experience getting married with a handful of your loved ones in one of your bucket lists locations, let’s make it happen! Seriously, reach out to me if this would interest you, as I would love to do some planning for weekend wedding trips!

  5. Joe will still be taking on some officiating requests, if you want a friendly face, strong message, and personalized ceremony! 

We are praying big things for our future, but are fully aware that the next 6 months to a year will be a rocky transition with the future of CTP - we are going to be as open handed as possible!