eloping ((reword everything))

we love family-style meals, UNEXPECTED COLOR COMBINATIONS, FOLKSY MUSIC FILLING THE SPACE, LOTS of candlelight & CAFE LIGHTS lighting up the space, AUTUMN INSPIRED tables, modern ghost chairs, WILD DANCE PARTY.

WE LOVE couples WHO KEEP IT REAL & TRUE TO THEMSELVES, incorporate their families/friends in a way that is true to the bride & groom 


we are introducing our Intimate Wedding + Elopement service! we love weddings, but most importantly, we love marriages. we believe in the beauty of marriage - for it to be celebrated in an intimate way as a couple & with a handful of your family and friends. we want the wedding to be an experience you remember without any stress in the world.

A true elopement is two people marrying the other in secret, but we live in Texas where everything is bigger - therefore, our definition of elopement is a wedding less than 10 people.

  & intimate weddings are less than 20 people.

Two people in love + closest friends & family = elopements & intimate weddings.


We want our couples to do what feel the most emotional + powerful + intimate on their wedding day, & that is pretty difficult while planning an event with more than twenty people. Our desire is for your wedding day to feel more like you + a stunning ceremony & tablescape + your closest family & friends to cheer you on! When there isn't pressure to meet a strict timeline, to spend tens of thousands of dollars, to impress all your extended family members & friends, there is abundant time to enjoy celebrating being married in a more relaxed way.

Important values: meaningful vows, stunning photography, personal officiant, gorgeous design, + a beautiful location. we want to learn about how you fell in love with each other, what your personalities are like, and help plan a memorable & enjoyable experience.

We create a well designed ceremony + tablescape for your first meal. Joe officiates & brings the music. You can still have all the important things of a wedding!

Don't want to stress about a wedding? Perhaps this is your option. Have an intimate wedding.

We want your wedding day to feel more like you. And if that means simple, we're totally on board! 

Your wedding day doesn't have to be a money pit of bombast, excess and []. <<It>> can be as simple as you and your fiancé 

The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $XX,XXX. And all that time, energy, effort often leaves brides, grooms, parents, and wedding parties feeling stressed, 

What if it didn't have to be this way?

What if you could still have a beautiful ceremony, eat a delicious meal, and enjoy the company of your closest family and friends, and not have to worry about feeding 200 guests and 

Imagine, you and your spouse, your closest friends and family, an intimate ceremony and stunning tablescape



We decided that spending money wisely is a better way to start off marriage, especially if you're budget is very low. 

We are here to educate all the people who would like to learn why intimate weddings & elopements are incredibly impactful, where to spend your money wisely, and how to achieve a stunning wedding within your budget. 


eOur services

some of what we offer:

  • styling collaborations
  • designing & logistical planning
  • wedding photography
  • officiant
  • vendor management
  • location scouting
  • timeline & print releases
  • wedding music

We take care of you, so that you can soak in all the married goodness.



Intimate weddings & Elopements

Invest in the people closest to you, have a stunning wedding, & stick to your budget.